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Last Week In My Lookbook---Blouse,Jeans and Hair

by entut berut March 18 2013, 22:04 fashion styles 2013 blouse rpgshow wigs review lace blouse lace wigs 2013 hairstyles fashion,shopping,hairstyles asos jeans

In the past few months, I spent a good time on blogspot with my friends. Yeah, I hardly write anything on myself, so usually, some friends on google+ send private message to me, and they said” Hi ,Lisa, would you please share some you daily photos? “ Of course ! In order to get further communication with my friends, I finally deice to write more post about my life . Furthermore, welcome to join my visit my site and let’s get further understanding of each other.
Let’s go down to business.
Something Happy
Last Saturday, I went a cocktail with several of my friends. In the photos, the girls are Laura, Catherine, me, Lily and Mayer. It’s better to call it a flea market than a cocktail. Yeah, as you see, various friends we knew or not, gathered together here, chatting, enjoying the delicious snakes and more importantly, we could buy something. It’s interesting.
Haha, look at me ? Yeah, How do you think my blouse? At that day, I picked a white blouse with long sleeves. Have you noticed the difference? The shirt features special lace design on the shoulder. Isn’t it cute and elegant. By the way, I picked a slimming jeans to pair my blouse.


Something New
I would like to make some changes on my hair as I am inspired by this video on youtube.

 You know, that the natural color of my hair is blond, but I find this half brown half red long straight hair quite beautiful. So I would like to try this. I learnt that this brand is on sale this month, so I couldn’t wait to order one from the site. Now I am just waiting for postman to bring it my home.
Looking forward to the wigs.
In this video:RPGSHOW Cls024
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