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tard the cat

by entut berut May 5 2013, 07:20

Tard the cat and Tupacshould I blast myself?It's Tardy time T,A,R,D WHY? Coz I gotta!!! Yes it's the cat who's captured .Chewbacca and Tard the CatWhat's your problem?Tard the catTard the Cat Wants the Holidays to be OverDecTodd has become obsessed with Tard the cat,. so this must be included.Dec. here he is wearing an 18 month old sleeper and he just looks like he's .. easily. It is alot easier said then done and is actually a pretty hard .One minute he's in the living room, and the next he's on the second step.Twas' quite good. Ok, well there are SOME of the happenings, minus the major .Kayla was busy studying while entertaining two creatures, yes two.so the lightings horrible and yes those images are going to give me .. because I have 3 whole teeth now! The only thing I don't like to put in .Change is scary. Now that I have got that out of my system on to the good .. diet, get passed these damn steroids, and try to stomach the insane .. and he put it up to his ear in the same way. My cute little idiot.. couple of minutes before he stopped, but then took it with him to taunt .. sun since he was about 3 months old. HOLY SHIT!

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