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Another Luau Style for More Hair

by entut berut August 21 2009, 06:50 headbands - ribbons

A Fun Headband for Girls with Longer Hair The picture below is not very good but it was the only one I took at this step. Start by making small square...

Fancy Updo

by entut berut August 20 2009, 07:59 pigtails - Twists - Holiday - uphair

This is not the best picture of the front of her hair I will get a better one. This works best if the hair is wet. Take a small section of hair at the...

Zig Zag Pigtails Toddler

by entut berut August 17 2009, 10:02 pigtails - toddler

Just make a zig zag part down the center of her hair. Then secure each side with an elastic.

1st Day of School Hair

by entut berut August 13 2009, 08:27 flower - Braids

As I am sure you can tell we now have bangs so we did a simple first day of school hairstyle. She got all new bows (these bows match her school outfits...

French braid Updo

by entut berut August 11 2009, 07:29 uphair - ponytails - Braids

A Fun Up do. Make a center poof in the front of her hair. Make 2 separate small french braids on both sides of the head. Then pull the remaining hair up...

Part 2 Pigtails

by entut berut August 7 2009, 09:05 Puffy braids - pigtails - toddler

First do the Part 1 parallel pigtails. Once that is done pull the sides up and make a puffy braid. Do the same to the other side. Below is a picture of...

Parallel Pigtails Toddler Part 1

by entut berut August 6 2009, 09:34 pigtails - toddler

Its as simple as it sounds I took the front part of her hair and secured it with and elastic on to the left side of her head. Then took the 2nd part and...


by entut berut August 3 2009, 08:15 Twists

5 Total Twists. 3 on one side 2 on the other, with a diagonal part. Place a diagonal part down the middle of her hair to get your middle part.I don't like...

Diagonal Puffy Braids Toddler

by entut berut July 27 2009, 08:16 Puffy braids - toddler

Her hair is so fine that we continue to try different hair styles. I made 2 diagonal parts parallel to each other. Then start with 1 elastic and make puffy...


by entut berut July 22 2009, 08:30 Braids

Make a zig zag part down the entire length of her hair. French braid down each side all the way to the ends. After the braids are complete the pictures...

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