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When Toddlers do their own Hair

by entut berut July 17 2009, 07:07 toddler

Here is what happens when you your toddler does her own hair. I have a character for a 2 year old and all I can do is love her. At least she didn't cut...

Twists into ponytail

by entut berut July 9 2009, 11:51 Twists - ponytails

I apologize about the poor quality of these pictures. It looks like a setting on my camera got switched. (These pictures don't show how cute this hair...

Toddler Pigtails

by entut berut July 7 2009, 04:31 pigtails - toddler

Simple, Easy, Cute This hair style is just the very front part of her hair. Part the hair and make 2 pigtails We like to make silly parts.

Hair from Princess Protection Program

by entut berut July 6 2009, 03:26 headbands - Braids

This hair style is taken from the movie princess protection program. The hairstyle is from the mean girl who's father owns the yogurt shop. (I will try...

Happy 4th of July

by entut berut July 5 2009, 07:46 Holiday

4th of July Toddler Hair

by entut berut July 4 2009, 08:13 Puffy braids - Holiday - toddler

Toddler 4th of July Hair Style My toddler is a fire cracker so this hair style fits her personality. I used red, white, and blue elastics and separated...

4th of July Hair

by entut berut July 4 2009, 07:57 ribbons - Holiday - Braids

Fun 4th of July Hair Style Take some ribbon of your choice and double it to the length you desire. Start by pulling a small amount of hair by her ear....

Poofy Bangs

by entut berut July 2 2009, 03:17 uphair - Poof

This is one of those hair styles you can wear different way. My daughter has discovered bumpits so she has the small one in the front of her hair. We secured...

Toddler Crazy Hair

by entut berut July 1 2009, 12:52 Puffy braids - Puffy Rolls - ponytails - toddler

My toddler has very fine hair. So here is a crazy fun hairstyle for girls with fine hair. Take the hair starting by the ear and pull it up into an elastic....

Another Variation of Last Post

by entut berut June 29 2009, 04:28 Braids

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