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Infant style

by entut berut April 5 2009, 08:04 ponytails - toddler

This one is simple and looks cute on your littlest one.Part the hair in three rows put elastics at the end of each. I then put the three ends into an elastic...

Corn Rolls into Flower

by entut berut April 5 2009, 07:42 Twists - flower

Start by parting the hair. I always part the hair I am working with and put the extra in a ponytail out of the way. To make a corn roll you have a couple...

Side Braid

by entut berut March 25 2009, 04:41 bun - Braids

First french braid across the front of her hair as shown below. Next pull the rest of her hair to a side ponytail (on the side where the braid has ended)...

Puffy Hairstyle

by entut berut March 19 2009, 02:37 Puffy Rolls - ponytails - toddler

For your little ones who don't have much hair this is fun and looks really cute. Especially if your little one has a spunky attitude. First part the top...

Ribbon Fun

by entut berut March 12 2009, 19:22 ribbons - bun

For everyone who loves ribbons here is a fun idea to put a little spunk in your girls hair style. I only have the finished product on this one, so I will...

Here We Go!

by entut berut March 12 2009, 17:46

Everyone Get READY SET HAIR! I love to do my girls hair even though my youngest doesn't have much hair it is fun to share ideas on how to make them look...

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