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Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

September 14 2013, 14:11 Short Hairstyles

Why this cut on Emma Stone works on her round face:

  • Long hair is gorgeous on round faces because it lengthens the face. If you have a round face, your best cuts will fall a few inches below the chin and longer. Stone's cut skims her collarbone and "the ends aren't quite blunt or layered," says her hairstylist, Mara Roszak to Allure Magazine. Roszak snipped vertically into the bottom inch.
  • Ask your stylist to cut in long layers with the shortest layer hitting at your earlobe or even lower. Short layers make a hairstyle appear dated and also add body to hair, which will make a round face appear rounder. You don't want that. Stone's layers start at her chin, and the longest ones are an inch from the bottom but they are blended in so well that you can't tell there are layers. "I cut into the ends of each layer to make them all blend together," Roszak told Allure.

How To Style:

  1. After shampooing and conditioning, towel dry hair until just damp and create an off-center part above your right or left eye. Comb part to each appropriate side and comb fringe straight forward.
  2. Emulsify a nickel-sized amount of styling cream between your fingertips and rake through your hair from mid-length to ends.
  3. Blow dry hair until it is approximately 70% dry, remembering to aim air stream from your new growth to ends. This keeps the cuticle of your hair smooth, resulting in a shinier finish!
  4. Grab your medium paddle brush and finish blow drying using the “wrap” technique. Wrap hair around your head as you aim air in the same direction you are wrapping the hair. This technique will give your hair that perfect, soft bend with lots of shine.
  5. Finish with a bit of hairspray.
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