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Fish Tail Wrap

by entut berut August 24 2011, 13:02 Tween flower FishTail Braids

As my daughter is getting older she wants more grown up styles here is one that...

Low French Braid to Side Pony

by entut berut May 26 2011, 14:17 Side Ponytail flower Braids

This one is very similar to the rolling into a side ponytail. I started a french...

Felt Flower with Ringlets

by entut berut May 5 2010, 12:01 flower Ringlets

We have a website that we just love that is for mom's of all walks of life....

Wrap Around To Side Ponytail

by entut berut October 2 2009, 06:59 Side Ponytail flower

We started with a headband with a bow on it. To keep the headband in I decided...

Triangle Part to Bun

by entut berut September 16 2009, 09:35 flower bun

Make triangle parts all the way around the front of her head. The picture belows...

1st Day of School Hair

by entut berut August 13 2009, 08:27 flower Braids

As I am sure you can tell we now have bangs so we did a simple first day of...

French Braid into Flower Bun

by entut berut June 18 2009, 01:30 flower bun Braids

Create 2 french braids along each side of her head. Leaving a small section...

Corn Rolls into Flower

by entut berut April 5 2009, 07:42 Twists flower

Start by parting the hair. I always part the hair I am working with and put...

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