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Latest Headbands Trends 2013- New Hair Accessories Fashion

by entut berut February 12 2013, 02:12 Trends Celebrity Fashion Hairstyles Celebrities Hairstyles

Do you feel tired of your hair style, Girls? All these time you just reducing,...

Simple Braid Headband

by entut berut March 31 2011, 09:44 headbands Bangs Back Braids

This is really simple fun and cute. All you do it make a normal part in her...

Toddler Roll Headband

by entut berut February 22 2011, 15:58 headbands rolls toddler Bangs Back

This is one of the fast and easy hairstyles. Take her hair from one ear we started...

Hippie Headband

by entut berut January 25 2011, 14:39 headbands

Since my oldest is in a hairdo lull we have to try and be creative with the...

Braids in Headband

by entut berut December 14 2010, 08:55 headbands Braids

This is quick, fun, easy, and really cute. All you do is start by making your...

Double Angel Braid Headband

by entut berut October 26 2010, 16:33 headbands Angel Braid

Start along one side of her face and make an angel braid. This is a braid where...

French Braid Headband

by entut berut June 23 2010, 06:38 headbands Braids

I started by making 2 very small french braids on each side of her head. Shown...

Frenchbraid Headband

by entut berut April 8 2010, 08:34 headbands Braids

Simple fun and turned out really cute. The pictures just don't show how cute...

Toddler Headband

by entut berut March 22 2010, 12:25 headbands Puffy braids toddler

This was simple easy and very cute. All I did was make a puffy braid around...

Toddler Hair

by entut berut November 17 2009, 17:16 headbands ponytails toddler

As most of you know who have toddlers know it is very difficult to come up with...

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