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Gorgeous ponytail hairstyles --- Distinctive Hairstyles For 2013

by entut berut May 23 2013, 00:56 2013 ponytail hairstyles hairstyles for 2013 ponytails ponytail hairstyles

More and more person, especially many celebrities, like ponytail hairstyles.Why?...

Nicole Richie HairStyle

by entut berut May 16 2012, 12:54 ponytails FishTail Braids

This style was taken from Nicole Richie on Fashion Star TV Show. First start...

Braid to Ponytail

by entut berut August 6 2011, 06:22 ponytails toddler Braids

This is the same style done on both of my girls. I just wanted to show how different...

2 Braids into Ponytail

by entut berut August 4 2011, 16:23 ponytails Bangs Back Braids

This is a fun way to add a little more to your ponytail. First start by making...

Lauren Braid to Pony

by entut berut July 22 2011, 17:20 ponytails Lauren Braids

This is another Lauren hairstyle from the TV show Make it or Break it. We just...

Make It or Break it Lauren Style

by entut berut April 12 2011, 09:21 ponytails Lauren Braids

We are so excited that Make it or Break it is back on. This style is from the...

4 Mini Rolls to Ponytail

by entut berut March 16 2011, 03:21 rolls Sides Pulled up ponytails

For this fun style start by making 4 small rolls as shown below and secured...

Biggest Loser Hair

by entut berut March 9 2011, 09:59 ponytails Bangs Back

One of the personal trainers on the Biggest Loser had her hair done like this...

Poof, Braids and Ponytail

by entut berut February 16 2011, 14:19 ponytails Poof Braids

Start by making a poof in the front of her head. I used 2 small bobbie pins...

Toddler Simple Pony

by entut berut January 27 2011, 15:33 ponytails toddler

This is truly a simple ponytail. her hair is finally long enough for a ponytail....

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