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Toddler Crazy Hair

by entut berut July 1 2009, 12:52 Puffy braids Puffy Rolls ponytails toddler

My toddler has very fine hair. So here is a crazy fun hairstyle for girls with...

Puffy Braids

by entut berut June 2 2009, 01:15 Puffy braids pigtails Puffy Rolls ponytails

Start by parting the hair down the middle. Take one side and put an elastic...

Puffy Rolls

by entut berut May 7 2009, 03:40 Puffy Rolls

This is similar to a puffy braid. Start at the top and put in elastic. With...

Puffy Hairstyle

by entut berut March 19 2009, 02:37 Puffy Rolls ponytails toddler

For your little ones who don't have much hair this is fun and looks really cute....

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