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Toddler Braids and Ribbons

by entut berut August 24 2011, 10:15 ribbons toddler Bangs Back Braids

First start by pulling a small piece of hair across the front of her head and...

Ribbon Braids Headband

by entut berut September 30 2010, 08:49 ribbons Braids

Start the french braid as you normally would but add a ribbon to 2 of the braid...

FishTail Braids

by entut berut September 20 2010, 11:20 ribbons FishTail Braids

This is a very simple and quick hairstyle. First make a part, I made hers with...

Rockin Bobbie Pins Fancy Uphair

by entut berut July 15 2010, 06:44 Rockin Bobbie Pins ribbons bun

This is a fancy up style that we did for church. Make a far lateral part and...

Toddler Knot Ribbons

by entut berut June 21 2010, 13:29 ribbons Knots toddler

I hope I can explain this hairstyle in a way you can follow. First pull the...

Sponge Curlers

by entut berut May 25 2010, 08:45 ribbons Ringlets

My new work schedule has changed a lot lately so our hairstyles have gotten...

Sprucing up Plain old Braids

by entut berut May 14 2010, 07:27 ribbons Braids

The older my daughter is getting the more she keeps telling me she wants quick...

Ribbon, Bun, Hair Fun

by entut berut April 1 2010, 09:44 ribbons bun ponytails

Take the front part of her hair and swoop it across to the side of her head...

Fun Up Do

by entut berut March 23 2010, 08:23 rolls ribbons Twists bun

I started by making a few parts along the front and sides of her hair as shown...

Toddler Ribbon Headband

by entut berut March 18 2010, 11:04 ribbons Puffy braids toddler

She is the hardest to get pictures of so sorry about the angles and views. Everytime...

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