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Toddler Sides Up

by entut berut September 1 2011, 15:46 Sides Pulled up toddler Bangs Back

I have not done too many toddler styles lately because well let me just be honest...

Toddler Braids and Ribbons

by entut berut August 24 2011, 10:15 ribbons toddler Bangs Back Braids

First start by pulling a small piece of hair across the front of her head and...

Braid to Ponytail

by entut berut August 6 2011, 06:22 ponytails toddler Braids

This is the same style done on both of my girls. I just wanted to show how different...

Toddler Roll to Side Pony

by entut berut July 31 2011, 16:44 Side Ponytail rolls toddler

My little one asked me a little while ago for a side ponytail. With her hair...

Simple Toddler French Braids

by entut berut July 27 2011, 18:15 toddler Braids

I know this style seems simple which it is but this is a huge style for my toddler...

1 Pigtail 1 Braid

by entut berut June 22 2011, 13:32 pigtails toddler Ringlets Braids

To give a little history of this hair style you must understand that I would...

Toddler Fancy Hair

by entut berut March 30 2011, 09:42 bun Poof toddler

As I have mentioned so many times my daughters hair is so fine and difficult...

Toddler Poof and Braids

by entut berut March 23 2011, 13:01 Poof toddler Braids

On my oldest daughter I would say this style is really easy but with my youngest...

Toddler Rolls to Sides Up

by entut berut February 28 2011, 20:34 rolls Sides Pulled up toddler

Start by making a part I always use the far lateral part and I made 4 small...

Toddler Roll Headband

by entut berut February 22 2011, 15:58 headbands rolls toddler Bangs Back

This is one of the fast and easy hairstyles. Take her hair from one ear we started...

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