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Toddler Twist w/ Rockin Bobbie Pins

by entut berut September 14 2010, 08:54 Rockin Bobbie Pins Twists toddler

I apologize for not many toddler styles anymore. We cut my little girls hair...

Twists Inspired by Selena Gomez

by entut berut September 10 2010, 08:35 Twists

This a very simple easy and fun style. It was inspired by watching Selena Gomez....

Curls Twists and Fancy Fun

by entut berut August 10 2010, 12:53 Twists Ringlets

This style is so simple and yet so cute. First I made ringlets all over her...

Toddler Pull Thru's to Ponytail

by entut berut June 28 2010, 11:03 Twists ponytails toddler

This style was so simple and turned out so cute. I started just above her ear...


by entut berut May 19 2010, 07:23 pigtails Twists

To give a little history on the pigtails. I actually dislike the look of pigtails....

2 Braids to Updo

by entut berut April 29 2010, 08:25 Twists uphair Braids

I started by making 2 diagonal frenchbraids that go back to the crown of her...

Toddler simple twist

by entut berut April 26 2010, 12:39 Twists toddler

We have been on vacation that is the reason for the lack of posts lately. My...

Updo Braids and Twists

by entut berut April 6 2010, 08:10 Twists bun ponytails Braids

First make a braid as shown below. Then take the hair above her ear and make...

Sides Pulled Back with Twist

by entut berut March 31 2010, 08:14 Twists Sides Pulled up

I first back combed the crown of her head. Then take a small amount of hair...

Fun Up Do

by entut berut March 23 2010, 08:23 rolls ribbons Twists bun

I started by making a few parts along the front and sides of her hair as shown...

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