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  • PigTails

    19 May 2010 ( #pigtails, #Twists )

    To give a little history on the pigtails. I actually dislike the look of pigtails. My mom will always put my daughters hair in pigtails when she has her because I won't. My daughter loves them so this is my version of the pigtails. I started by pulling...

  • Sponge Curlers

    25 May 2010 ( #ribbons, #Ringlets )

    My new work schedule has changed a lot lately so our hairstyles have gotten really simple. I bathed my daughter the other night and she asked for curlers put in her hair. I use sponge curlers since I think they are easier to sleep in. To get big curls...

  • Toddler French Braid

    03 June 2010 ( #toddler, #Braids )

    Just to let everyone know that my hairstyles will slow down during the summer my hours at work have changed and will not be getting my girls up that early to get their hair done. The hairstyles will pick back up when school starts again. For this I made...

  • Toddler Roll Fun to Ponytail

    13 April 2010 ( #rolls, #toddler )

    Since she doesn't hold still very long pictures are much more difficult to get on a step by step so I will do my best to explain. I started with a small front roll across the front of her head. Then make a second roll facing the opposite direction parallel...

  • Roll Crazy

    14 April 2010 ( #rolls, #bun )

    I started with the front roll first and if your daughter is like mine I had to hold it with elastics to make sure the roll was tight. *Note* I did the rolls similar to a braid but with 2 strands adding a new piece of hair as you roll. Make 2 more rolls...

  • Opposite Rolls to Ponytail

    16 April 2010 ( #rolls, #ponytails )

    *NOTE* To make the rolls below it is very similar to a braid but you use 2 strands and only pick up hair from one side. Start making the first roll from the a far lateral part (only roll up new hair across the front of her face). Roll the hair enough...

  • SideWinder Hair Holders

    07 May 2010 ( #SideWinders, #Braids )

    Recently we came across the latest, funnest, and easiest hair accessory. The website if anyone is interested in these is http://www.hairholders.com/. Keep watching my hairblog because YES for the first time in The Wright Hair history we are doing a giveaway....

  • French Braid Headband

    23 June 2010 ( #headbands, #Braids )

    I started by making 2 very small french braids on each side of her head. Shown below Then make a poof in the front middle of her head. Next I made a fifth french braid that started just above her ear and makes a headband across her head. *Note when I...

  • Question #12

    28 June 2010 ( #Questions, #Curling Iron )

    Ahas left a new comment on your post "Ringlet Curling Iron": where did u get it? what is it called? It is called a Conair Instant Heat Spiral Styler Curling Iron. I bought my at Walmart I put a link under the picture. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Conair-Instant-Heat-Spiral-Styler-Curling-Iron/3999274?wmlspartner=GPA&sourceid=44444444440281551375...

  • Curls Twists and Fancy Fun

    10 August 2010 ( #Twists, #Ringlets )

    This style is so simple and yet so cute. First I made ringlets all over her hair. Then I made very small twists with her hair and secured them with small bobbie pins. If your daughters have thin hair then you can cross 2 bobbie pins to make the twists...

  • French braids to Sides Up

    19 August 2010 ( #Sides Pulled up, #Braids )

    I started this style by making a diagonal thin french braid. I braided a little ways down and secured with an elastic. Then I made a 2nd french braid that lays parallel to the first. Then take the sides and pull them up over the top of the braids. I finished...

  • FishTail Braids

    20 September 2010 ( #ribbons, #FishTail Braids )

    This is a very simple and quick hairstyle. First make a part, I made hers with a slight diagonal at the front of her head and curved it to the middle of her head going all the way down. Then pull each side into a low ponytail. Once the ponytail is in...

  • 2 Braids Across Face

    06 October 2010 ( #Bangs Back, #Braids )

    This is a really cute fun and easy way to keep the bangs out of her eyes. Make the first french braid across the front of her face. Make a parallel french braid along the lines of the first one. Shown Below Simple easy and your done.

  • Ribbon Braids Headband

    30 September 2010 ( #ribbons, #Braids )

    Start the french braid as you normally would but add a ribbon to 2 of the braid strands. You are going to be making 2 braids along the face line. Braid all the way to the ends. Do the same french braid with a ribbon on the other side along her face line....

  • How to Make a Poof

    23 October 2010 ( #Questions, #Poof )

    I recently got asked how I do my daughters poof. I am going to attempt to explain With my oldest daughter we often times just pull her hair back and use the bobby pins to push the poof forward. I also use a straight end comb (rat tail comb) and put it...

  • Toddler French Braids

    13 December 2010 ( #toddler, #Braids )

    It is not very often this fun filled 3 year old will let me do anything creative with her hair so I always jump at the few opportunities. I made 2 small french braids as shown below on each side of her head. Then I combined the 2 french braids with (the...

  • Fish Tail Bangs Back

    28 December 2010 ( #FishTail Braids, #Bangs Back )

    Quick simple and really easy. This is a simple fishtail braiding the bangs back as shown below. I just continued to fish tail braid all the way down.

  • Side Braid to Bun

    22 November 2010 ( #bun, #Braids )

    Start by making a french braid on the top left side of her head continue the french braid on until it goes across her head to the opposite ear. Now make a messy bun .

  • Toddler Pony's

    23 November 2010 ( #ponytails, #toddler )

    This fun and easy hairstyle is simply just 2 ponytails. You can get as creative as you want. We started with a small ponytail that angles to her left ear as shown below. Then make a parallel ponytail behind the first as shown below. Below is a side view....

  • Braids in Headband

    14 December 2010 ( #headbands, #Braids )

    This is quick, fun, easy, and really cute. All you do is start by making your part. Then make a small braid on the right side of her head as shown below. (Braid all the way to the ends) On the left side start by making one braid closer to the front of...

  • Rolls to Side Pony

    18 January 2011 ( #Side Ponytail, #rolls )

    This is fun easy and really quick. I made a side part and then made a roll adding hair each time starting on the right side and rolled it down to the left side. (this will be your long roll) Now on the left side start a roll just above her ear and roll...

  • Hello Kitty Flat Iron

    24 January 2011 ( #Straightening Iron, #Questions )

    Since we have been doing a lot of ringlets with our flat iron and loving them. I thought we should let everyone know about this wonderful flat iron. We just love our Hello Kitty Flat Iron by http://www.sparklebee.com/ This site has the funnest Hello Kitty...

  • Double Angel Braid Headband

    26 October 2010 ( #headbands, #Angel Braid )

    Start along one side of her face and make an angel braid. This is a braid where you only pick up hair from one side. I pulled the hair from the front of her face as shown below. Next make a parallel angel braid as shown below. Do this to both sides of...

  • Toddler Valentines

    10 February 2011 ( #Holiday, #toddler )

    This is not really a Valentines style but this was the hair and outfit my toddler picked out for school today. Today is their Valentines Party. I was shocked when she said we could do pigtails. She doesn't know that she has 4 elastics in. She told me...

  • More Heart Fun

    10 February 2011 ( #Holiday, #Poof )

    This was a fun and best of all a really easy hear to make. So if your in a hurry this is the style. Start by making a V shaped poof in the front of her head. Then take a really small amount of hair just below the poof and half of your hair in the poof...